Your firm, a tunnel construction company, has recently won a contract to construct a network of underground tunnels for a new metro project in the city. The project site contains a network of interconnected geysers and hot springs. These network paths cannot be accurately mapped due to the complexity of the terrain and available technology. Which of the following is the best approach to be used on this project?


  1. Deliver the project in increments, one line at a time and adjust the designs as new information becomes available.
  2. Do a detailed design before commencing project work and keep the costs under budget.
  3. Given the complexities, the project needs to be abandoned.
  4. Start all lines at the same time and be prepared to tackle probable flooding of the lines.

Correct Answer



According to the scenario, since the network of geysers and hot springs cannot be accurately mapped, freezing the design upfront is not recommended. Delivering the project in small increments can manage this risk. This might require design changes as new information becomes available. [Agile Practice Guide, 1st edition, Page 16]

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