A company has a set of web servers. It is required to ensure that all the logs from these web servers can be analyzed in real-time for any sort of threat detection. What could be the right choice in this regard?


  1. Upload all the logs to the SQS Service and then use EC2 Instances to scan the logs.
  2. Upload the logs to Amazon Kinesis and then analyze the logs accordingly.
  3. Upload the logs to CloudTrail and then analyze the logs accordingly.
  4. Upload the logs to Glacier and then analyze the logs accordingly.

Correct Answer



Amazon Kinesis makes it easy to collect, process, and analyze real-time, streaming data so you can get timely insights and react quickly to new information. Amazon Kinesis offers key capabilities to process streaming data cost-effectively at any scale, along with the flexibility to choose the tools that best suit the requirements of your application. With Amazon Kinesis, you can ingest real-time data such as video, audio, application logs, website clickstreams, and IoT telemetry data for machine learning, analytics, and other applications.

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