It is expected that only certain specified customers can upload images to the S3 bucket for a certain period of time. What would you suggest as an architect to fulfill this requirement?


  1. Create a secondary S3 bucket. Then, use an AWS Lambda to sync the contents to the primary bucket.
  2. Use pre-signed URLs for uploading the images.
  3. Use ECS Containers to upload the images.
  4. Upload the images to SQS and then push them to the S3 bucket.

Correct Answer



A pre-signed URL gives you access to the object identified in the URL, provided that the creator of the pre-signed URL has permissions to access that object. That is, if you receive a pre-signed URL to upload an object, you can upload the object only if the creator of the pre-signed URL has the necessary permissions to upload that object. All objects and buckets by default are private. The pre-signed URLs are useful if you want your user/customer to be able to upload a specific object to your bucket, but you don’t require them to have AWS security credentials or permissions. When you create a pre-signed URL, you must provide your security credentials and then specify a bucket name, an object key, an HTTP method (PUT for uploading objects), and expiration date and time. The pre-signed URLs are valid only for the specified duration.

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